13th December    Its ‘im again at Christmas – Mel Rees


3rd January Horatio Nelson – Malcom Brookes

7th February   It shouldn’t happen to a WPC – Janine Farrel

14th March   The Job of a Laughtime – Brad Ashton

11th April   It’s ‘I’m again – Mel Rees

9th May    Soil, Sweat and Tears – Brian Carline

13th June  Haunted Rochester – Neil Arnold

11th July  My £3 Husband – Prue Anderton

8th August   The Ukuele Sensation – Mark Walsh

12th September   Henry VIII – Tony Harris

10th October    Its ‘im again  – Mel Rees

14th November  *AGM*    The Queen’s Police Officer – Richard Griffin

12th December    The Joys of Christmas – Rob Masters